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Instructor: Kristin McGee Level: Beginner Cost: $5.00

Mat Pilates with Kristin 1 hour 00 min

It's no secret that Pilates studios are popping up all over the country as Pilates continues to gain in popularity. The San Francisco 49ers, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Cattrall, Madonna and many other celebrity and sports icons have practiced Pilates.

The good news is that Pilates has numerous health benefits:

  1. Pilates strengthens your "core," your abdominal and spinal muscles, which are your "Pilates Powerhouse" muscles.
  2. Pilates tones your body and helps you develop long and lean muscles.
  3. Pilates helps you learn to better control your posture and alignment. Your body will become safer and more efficient in its movement.
  4. Pilates increases your flexibility.
  5. Pilates helps you develop a mind / body connections, which increase your awareness of your body.
  6. Pilates encourages you to focus on breath, which can decrease stress anxiety and muscle tension.


Kristin McGee is the Yoga and Fitness editor for Health Magazine.  She has graced the cover of PilatesStyle Magazine many times and is a
regular contributor to Self, Women’s Health, Fitness, Cooking Light, Prevention, Oxygen and Om Magazine.

Kristin frequently appears on CBS Morning Show, CNN, FoxNews,
and is the Host of the Pilates Power Gym on HSN.

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