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Instructor: Jason and Alicia Level: Intermediate Cost: $2.00

Plyojam Booty Workout30 min

Jason Layden, creator of Plyojam and Alicia Marie, author of The Booty Bible and creator of the 30 Day Buttlift DVD series have teamed up to develop this two part system specifically designed to SCORCH calories, tone, shape and scultp your body and your booty - in less than an hour.

This dual "Burnout" workout starts off with a quick warm-up, followed by an explosive, super fueled Plyojam cardio dance workout lead by Jason - after you've gotte your sweat (and your 'jump'!) on, Alicia takes over to power us through her celebrity-approved booty and lower-body toning moves "and grooves" that really WORK to tighten up, shape and sculpt that backside and legs - into  relaxing cool-down.

Alicia and Jason request that you focus on breathing and working at your own pae and ability level! Use the modifications and, if needed, a sturdy chair for balance during the toning section.

Now, grab some water, a towel, a mat (or soft flooring for later) - and let's go BURN-it-OUT!!!



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