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Instructor: Dee Sweet -Slade Level: Beginner Cost: $2.00

Sweet Step-The Beginning 1 hour 00 min

Thinking Step classes are old fashioned? Think AGAIN!  Dee takes her signature class back to the beginning to allow everyone to enjoy all the benefits of taking a step class.


FUN – You learn the moves, then put them together in great sequences.  This is an 8 count athletic step.  No fancy dance moves.  Once you learn the moves, you can make them yours.  Step like no one is watching...because no one is!

EFFECTIVE – Total Body Sweat in just 60 minutes.  This is an athletic step that you modify according to your level.  Dee will motivate, you do what you can.

FLEXIBLE – Don’t have a step, use the floor.  Check out our facebook page for advice on how to create a “flat step”.  Intermediate? - Go to The Sweet Step - Dee will take you to your limit

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