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Dee Sweet -Slade

Let me introduce you to Dee Sweet-Slade - in her words
"I've made my career in the fitness industry for over two decades. Scooped up and trained by the "Godmother of Aerobics," Gilda Marx (who taught high-profile fitness gurus like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda), I've taught in top resorts, clubs, fitness studios, and gyms nationwide, from New York and Florida to Dallas, and now, Los Angeles. Having worked in so many diverse settings with hundreds of clients, I understand the downfalls of the "gym mentality" and the pitfalls of sustained fitness. The cornerstone of my philosophy is the integration of strength training with cardiovascular work. This approach, along with an open mind, open heart, and open door to anyone who desires a fitness connection that works, is how I help my clients make fundamental changes to their health and fitness – for lasting results."
Dee is now doing personal and small group training in Los Angeles in her private "HomeSpun" studio as well as teaching at local popular gyms.

The Sweet Step on EMG
So many people looking forward to her classes!
J.F.S " I just finished! Totally sweating and you totally took me back to being 25 again! So fun. Thank you Dee....what am awesome idea...I'm calling Mindy right now...and, you HAVE to add some Black Box to your playlist! Will definitely be adding this to my weekly routine! xoxoxo xoxoxo" - "I mean who needs Soul Cycle when we have SWEET STEP!??!!!"
T.S.R. -" I did the class this morning with Dee - it's an amazing workout led by an amazing instructor!!! Having it streamed right to you means no excuses peep!"
D.A. - "Congrats Dee, so glad you have given us this opportunity. Your class is amazing and so are you! See you in class or streaming."
E.S. " Whow this sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to try. Miss your Sweet Step class and so does my body!"
S. G. "This will be the closest I will come to taking classes with you again. I was always a "Dee Groupie" and it would be fun to be one again!!! Love looking at your pictures and enjoy seeing your life!!! xoxoxoxo"
The Sweet Step on EMG