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Jason and Alicia

Reflecting back on his childhood, Jason remembered that incorporating dance moves and good music can make a workout fun. Sensing a need in the marketplace for a cardio-dance fitness that focused on burning calories, he created his own dance format, PlyoJam.
While Jason wants to make workouts fun, his mission is to make sure in every class his students burn as many calories as possible. Jason currently teaches PlyoJam at Jonathan’s Beach Club, Moore Dance and Your Neighborhood Studios in Los Angeles and he also works with The National Championship UCLA Volleyball team who uses Jason’s class as supplemental training for their workouts

Alicia Marie is an internationally recognized fitness supermodel and the author of AMAZON's "Reader Favorite," The Booty Bible - a ‘rear-end exercise focused’ fit-cyclopedia for women; she is a featured fitness coach on MTV: Music Television’s “Emmy award” winning program ‘MADE’, a multi-media fitness personality and celebrity health & nutrition guru.
Alicia is a creator of Lionsgate’s “30-Day Buttlift” DVD series and is currently featured on the media giant’s millions-plus viewed BeFit YouTube channel. Aiming to encourage young children to stay healthy, Alicia also wrote and co-produced Los Angeles’ Metro health and nutrition syndicated video series for kids, CARDIO WORLD.