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Dana Lee Chapman

Master Group Fitness Motivator Dana Lee Chapman is on a mission to guide busy women around the world to find the time to workout and eat smarter, in a “reality” sort of way, so they can unlock the secrets to maintaining a healthy weight, increased energy & stamina, not to mention a slammin’ self image.

Her popular website is celebrated by hundreds of women who have stuggled to find the time in the schedules to get to the gym, have felt too insecure about themselves to workout in public, or who may be regimented and care about their health, but use the site as a means to follow an on-going program. Every member of the community is on the journey right along side Dana, as if she’s in your basement or livingroom showing you what to do & how to do it in the most effective & safest way she can virtually.

Having overcome her own battle of eating & self-image issues, Dana Lee had set out to bring together the energy and fun of teaching fitness to a group while empowering them to really go for it. Not just in their workouts, but in their lives. Dana believes being around other women who are like-minded and strive for improvement is where transformation really begins. It’s nearly impossible to be successful at anything in life if you go at it alone. is an online community full of real support, real people, real fitness delivered in a real convienient way. Learn more about her programs and connect with her online at